What do I do?

All of us used to have an imaginary friend during childhood - a fairy or an elf - who we always liked to talk to, sing a song with or just drink afternoon tea with from those tiny little cups. Then we immortalised our imaginations in drawings so as not to forget our unique friend or maybe just to provide our parents with 'clues' to its existence.

Our drawing was then valued very highly by our parents and they wanted to keep it for as long as possible. So, it was pinned with a small magnet to the fridge at home, stuck on the wall at work or put under the glass of a desk top. How great would it be if someone could immortalise our childhood dreams so that we could keep a memento of it not just on paper? This is exactly what I do. 

Draw your own toy

Big or small?

Choose the size of the toy and the material from which it is to be made to your own specifications.

Handmade with love

No machine work! Every toy is a small work of art - it's the sole original and there's no possibility of anyone else owning one.

Order from any corner of the world

It doesn't matter where you come from - your unique toy will find you wherever you are.

Keeping a memory

My toys represent an ideal form of keeping the most beautiful or cutest drawing.

For everyone, 0-99 years

From Drawing to Toy is suitable for everyone - children or adults - no matter how old.

Special gift

From Drawing to Toy is not only an ideal gift for a child but also for parents, a friend or your boss. All you need to do is send a picture and I will materialise it for you.

The toys I've already made and there will be many more!

Do you want a unique toy from a childhood drawing?